Women in Cyprus - Skin Care Tips

Taking care of the skin can sometimes be difficult, thinking all those information from the internet, television and magazines about the correct way to protect our skin. Taking care of the skin does not seem enough with the simple cleansing or moisturizing especially when you unexpectedly suffer from skin problems.

If you are facing skin care problems, here are some care tips to help you protect your skin and make it shows younger.

When the skin pores becomes clogged, mottled or pimples make their appearance. During teenage year’s the whole face needs deep cleaning especially the areas in the chin, forehead and nose and also the T-zone.

For the avoidance of skin breakouts, here are some tips to help you:

Start using warm water together with mild soap to clean your face. It is best to clean your face two times a day. Use gentle soap that is specifically for spots. Massage softly with a circular move and keep in mind not to scrub your face. Avoid scrubbing and washing a lot because it may damage and irritate your skin. It’s good to use a lotion after to lessen bacteria and oil.

Never use pop pimples. It may cause further infection on your skin. Avoid touching your face with fingers. Wash your hands well before putting makeup or any treatment creams on your face to prevent the pores from irritation.

Another skin care advice is to get rid of your makeup before going for sleep. Also, don’t use old makeup’s that may cause you irritation. Always have in mind to apply sun protection. Sun in Cyprus, especially in summer time can damage your skin, not only causing wrinkles but may also make worse acne problems.

Speaking of Cyprus sun and if your skin is very sensitive, always before you go for swimming use sun protection creams.

Even if the sun is a great source of vitamin D, too much sun exposure may cause a lot of skin troubles and even skin cancer! It’s very important to put sunscreen that has sun protection inside or SPF and if it’s possible, avoid sun exposure between eleven in the morning and four in the afternoon.

Always keep in mind to have a healthy lifestyle, do some exercise, eat well and have enough rest!