The Role Of Cypriot Women

The Cypriot women have fought to assert their equal rights with their male colleagues and now have the necessary supplies, education and skills to play an important role in social and economic unit combining their professional work with the work of the voluntary and for the offer of fellow.

The 52% of the population of Cyprus are women. The woman took a dominant position in the voluntary sector through organized Societies and by offering to her country and in the fellow.
Cyprus woman feels pleasure to offer today.

The Cypriot woman is already gaining ground rapidly and becomes more acceptable for her professionalism, seriousness and for the consistency of her obligations. Today Cypriot woman has the opportunity to take part in shaping her public opinion with her voluntary work and with her kind of work she is dealing with.

Women today are taking part in legislative reform of our island or as a lawyer, either as member or as a judge. The 38% of the lawyers of Cyprus are women and the 22% of judges are women also! We see her also taking part in the construction of our country, medicine, education and in politics.

All women in Cyprus are celebrating the Women's Day on the 8th of March.